SOME OF THE MOST BRILLIANT ECONOMIC WRITING THESE DAYS is coming from an old IBM Selectric typewriter in an American Penitentiary.

Former head of Princeton Economics, Martin Armstrong is widely read by some of the most forward thinking money managers and financial leaders.

If you’ve never been introduced to his unique style, HERE’S YOUR CHANCE!

GET A STEAMING MUG of your favorite adult beverage, curl up by the fire &

get ready for the latest of  Armstrong’s kalaidoscopic mind-trips connecting the dots of history, sociology, super-cycles, and what’s happening RIGHT NOW in the western world.

Check it out here:

If you’re curious to find out more about Armstrong’s bizarre circumstances, here are some links to explore:


About Surfing The New Normal

A blog dedicated to exploring new ways of thinking that lead to success in business and in life, & creating the person you really want to be. We apologize in advance for anyone we inadvertently or purposely offend and would like to take this opportunity to emphasize the importance of keeping a good sense-of-humor and an open mind. Enjoy. "You have to be able to risk your identity for a bigger future than the present you are living." ~Fernando Flores "I am actually a paranoid in reverse. I suspect that people are secretly plotting to make me happy." ~J. D. Salinger "You have to create your life. You have to carve it, like a sculpture." -William Shatner "The only reason they come to see me is that I know that life is great- and they know I know it." ~Clark Gable
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