An Update On PEAK OIL. It isn’t exactly what you think it is, but it’s real….and it’s baaaaaaack! YOU SHOULD CARE

 I’ve listened to Puplava’s top-notch weekly program every weekend for almost a decade. 

 This weekend he interviewed Dr. Colin Campbell PhD who has been investigating this issue ever since he earned his Ph.D. in geology from the University of Oxford in 1957. 

 Dr. Campbell has consulted for the Swedish  and Bulgarian Governments, Oxford university, as well as several oil companies.  But don’t let that jade you.  If you think oil executives are pre-disposed to believe in peak oil, you’re simply wrong.  Some of the most vociferous detractors of his work have been the folks heading Exxon. 

Listen to this interview, because if you don’t care about investing or energy prices, you most certainly will care about sky-rocketing food prices (fertilizer and transportation for your “3000 mile salad” is 100% petroleum dependent), repricing of real-estate more than 15 minutes from city center jobs, and jet travel becoming “just for special” again!


Dr. Colin Campbell PhD on peak oil

alternate access:


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