BEING FULLY PRESENT, EMOTIONALLY, PHYSICALLY, and MENTALLY.   I know, every two-bit motivational speaker talks about “living in the present” but this article is really specific, insightful and refreshing.  I believe I had an “aha” moment.  Either way, my day is better.


“When was the last time you felt the power of your body, experienced it as an amazing tool? When was the last time you took note of the air filling your lungs, felt the strength in your muscles as they contracted, the blood surging through your veins, the sweat dripping from your brow?  When was the last time you felt fully present in your body?”Great men of history knew that one of the keys of success was the power of concentration and the ability to hone in on a singular aim and see it through to completion.

MENTALLY:  “Harvard psychologists recently found that  not only were 47% of people daydreaming at any given time, but that the more a person’s mind wandered, the less happy they were. Focusing on the activity at hand increased a persons happiness.” 


As men we can have a difficult relationship with our feelings. From a young age we’re often taught to buck up, that being manly means being stoic. Then when we are older and experience emotion, we don’t recognize it, don’t know what to do with it, don’t know how to channel it in a healthy direction.


EMOTIONALLY: “Being fully present emotionally means being able to recognize and honor your feelings, being able to experience them fully without getting uncomfortable, and then directing the energy from your emotions into constructive action.”



..On Social media.  Great, but not “the present”: 

 With the over-consumption of social media, you may find yourself already framing how you’ll share an experience with others, while you’re still having the experience. If you’re already thinking, “Wait until my friends see this!” you’ve left the realm of being present in the moment.  (woops! -Ed)

Living in the present moment sounds so simple, yet is something I struggle with constantly. Endless distractions, mind wanderings and ennui seem to get in the way. But I know these are only excuses, and it is down to me to become fully alive in the moment, to value the miracle that is life and to make the most of every encounter.

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Great quotes on living in the present:

“We can live only in the present moment, in this brief now; all the rest of our life is dead and buried or shrouded in uncertainty. Short is the life we lead and small our patch of earth.” Marcus Aurelius.

“The present moment is always lit. There is nothing to worry about or fear in the present. Past and future are very dark, and that is where the fears are, and it is only fears of some sort which drag individuals to the past or future. It is much better and economical for us to avail ourselves of the brilliance and the light of knowledge which are of the present, and not associate ourselves with the darkness which really belongs to the past or future.
They will visit us and concern us sometimes.
Whenever we wake up and find that we are travelling towards the darkness of the past or future, please come into the light of day – the light of the present.”
Shantanand Saraswati.

“I go at what I am about as if there is nothing else in the world for the time being. That’s the secret of all hard-working men.” Charles Kingsley.

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A blog dedicated to exploring new ways of thinking that lead to success in business and in life, & creating the person you really want to be. We apologize in advance for anyone we inadvertently or purposely offend and would like to take this opportunity to emphasize the importance of keeping a good sense-of-humor and an open mind. Enjoy. "You have to be able to risk your identity for a bigger future than the present you are living." ~Fernando Flores "I am actually a paranoid in reverse. I suspect that people are secretly plotting to make me happy." ~J. D. Salinger "You have to create your life. You have to carve it, like a sculpture." -William Shatner "The only reason they come to see me is that I know that life is great- and they know I know it." ~Clark Gable
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