BOMBSHELL JUDGEMENT AGAINST A MAJOR U.S BANK THIS WEEK IS A GAME-CHANGER FOR FOLKS FIGHTING TO KEEP THEIR HOMES.   If you’re fighting foreclosure, or even waiting to be kicked out after foreclosure, you need to read this and stay up on developments in the rapidly developing (but supressed) story!

Believe it or not, this is about who owns your house, and the fact that for millions of homes, the entity foreclosing on you CANNOT PROVE IT EVEN OWNS YOUR HOME or has ANY RIGHT TO FORECLOSE!  And this isn’t just a little paperwork glitch.  This is a massive, insidious problem for banks, and possibly a life-saver for you!

The banks and MSM don’t want to publicize this major problem as it jeopardizes their position in foreclosures. Since foreclusure is a state process (not federal) most states require the forecloser to produce the note to prove their standing, and most of the notes are bundled in boxes somewhere, possibly never to be found. Every homeowner subject to foreclosure needs to just ask the judge to see the original note, including any assignments of that note. I know it’s a novel concept these days but it is the rule of law.

GREG HUNTER has been covering this unfolding issue on his blog, and you should read the rest of his expose’ here:


 Here’s a related article from the Huffington Post:

Who Owns Your Mortgage? “Produce The Note” Movement Helps Stall Foreclosures


More background info on the mad scramble many lenders have made to try to fraudulently fabricate a phony line of evidence that re-establishes their right to foreclose AFTER they realised this would become a major problem for them.  By the way, they already tried to sneak in new legislation declaring all such unprovable mortgages as foreclosable by law but their efforts were thwarted when Obama promptly vetoed it.  Now comes some sort of attempt at offering YOU a lowered mortgage, interest rate, or both.  This will be spun as an attempt to help you, but its true objective will be to get you to re-sign new mortgage paperwork which will “wipe away a multitude of financial sins” and allow the lenders to foreclose on something rather than nothing!  Beware of any grand-sounding initiatives rolling out in coming months!

“Foreclosure fraud isn’t about losing paperwork or having incorrect paperwork. It is about committing fraud and trying to manipulate the U.S. legal system. No one — not even a bank — can show up in court with phony evidence” –

From Jim Sinclair’s jsmineset.com:



Here’s NPR’s take on the matter:

As the Journal’s Robbie Whelan reports, both homeowners and lawyers have something to gain from trying to find a flaw in the banks’ record-keeping:

“In the 23 states where foreclosures entail a court hearing, the bank may be ordered to pay the homeowner’s legal bill if a lawyer can convince a judge that the bank has submitted false documents, such as affidavits saying employees personally reviewed the details of loans when they didn’t”


Some older but helpful material that explores some of the intricacies of foreclosure defense:



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