DETROIT ATTORNEYS RISK EVERYTHING TO PROVE Feds Orchestrated “Underwear Bomber” Plot to Advance War on Terror

TOP DETROIT LAWYERS KURT AND LORI HASKELL WERE EYEWITNESSES TO THE ENTIRE “CHRISTMAS DAY UNDERWEAR BOMBER” EPISODE IN DETROIT TWO YEARS AGO.  They are putting their careers, reputations and extremely successful law practice on the line in order to bring Americans the truth.  Listen!

Today, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the man accused of trying to blow up the airplane Kurt and Lori were flying in over metro Detroit on Christmas Day 2009, appeared in Federal Court. But the Haskells have some pretty damning evidence indicating that you and I and our fellow Americans have been sold a self-serving, manipulative LIE by certain leaders we trusted.

“Kurt and Lori Haskell think the U.S. government was behind the whole thing. “The U.S. government escorted them through security without a passport and, we believe, gave him an intentionally defective bomb,” said Kurt Haskell.

FOX NEWS INTERVIEW PART II (Kudos to reporter AMY LANGE, for taking on real news!)

Looks like it’s taking two of Detroit’s finest to tell the machiavellian manipulators selling us the UnderWear Bomber story, to EAT OUR COLLECTIVE, INDIVIDUAL-RIGHTS-LOVING SHORTS!


Now click the version below and skip ahead to watch the recent interview with Kurt Haskell with more chilling details destroying the insult to your intelligence that is the govt’s version of the “underwear bomber” event.  Go ahead, dig deeper. Listen to the dozens of interview he’s done over since the Flight 253 incident like I did.  The more details you hear, the more angry you’ll get because you’ll realize you’ve been lied to:

And be sure to stop by their blog for updates and to let them know how much you appreciate American Heros like them, at


related: BREAKING NEWS!!


Newly released Wikileaks documents concerning the activities of three Qatari men who conducted surveillance of the World Trade Center and boarded flights on the eve of the 9/11 attacks adds to the plethora of evidence that at the very least US authorities were aware of the plot and deliberately stood down.


Fellow Human Rights Lovers:  Ever wondered why you were too young, or too busy to march with those heroes at Selma and Montgomery back in the day?  Well, we’ve got a march of our own, staring us right in the face, if we have the honesty and courage to take it on, and it may be even more dangerous and scorned than MLK’s cause originally was, because this time the perpetrator is one or more rogue elements of Big Brother.

Remember that old Pete Seeger song?  Well, it’s time, yet again, to move from the BACK OF THE BUS, to THE FRONT.  This time we may have to let the driver(s) go too.  Click to play  -PEACE!


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  1. Be sure to see the Haskells updates on this issue at their blog linked above.

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