KEYNES & HAYEK: SMACKDOWN PART TWO! -It’s finally here, and the War Of Ideas is back on!



Last time, we heard “Big John” put up a valiant defense for his economic ideas which have dominated US economic teaching for 50 years, and many say have contributed directly to the current mangled state of our American economy.

But “Freddy H” from the so-called “Austrian” economic school of thought, more than held his own.

Watch Smackdown: Part II for the entertainment value, but remember that this fight of ideas is playing out all around you right now, and the outcome will determine the economic world & quality of life you, your kids, and your grandchildren enjoy.

(be sure to scroll down this blog for Part I of Keynes vs. Hayek, and read the fascinating “cliff notes” attached!)

If it was a real knock-down, drag-out brawl, my money would be on Keynes.  At 6’ 6”, he’s got the size, the weight and the reach.  Hayek couldn’t  lay a glove on him.

But what if they were ’bust’n moves’  and throwing down rhymes?  Then, Keynes could have a real fight on his hands.


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