The BERNANKE explains “FINANCIAL REPRESSION” -the Hot New Economic Buzzword!

It’s all over the news this month – a hot buzzword in the global economic community following the latest policy paper by the International Monetary Fund.  The sharpest guys in the room are all talking about “financial repression”.

It seems awfully important but what the heck does it mean?    Watch this!   (and then leave your own comments or definition below. Let’s nail this thing!)


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2 Responses to The BERNANKE explains “FINANCIAL REPRESSION” -the Hot New Economic Buzzword!

  1. Jim says:

    Enjoying your blog. Good Stuff! Keep it coming.

  2. Pat Gunning says:

    Hmmm, This time is different. Since 1971, There is no gold for the government to worry about and today so many more, politically represented, people depend on the government for their retirement income and health care.

    But the general thrust of the message that a particular fed chairman is in a position to lie, mislead, and conceal info that the public needs to evaluate his policies is on target. The Fed does not have to be a central planning agency but it certainly has become one since 9-11, And it has been so for longer than not, after the link to gold was severed.

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