The Underwear Bomber Attack Fundamentally Destroyed my Faith in U.S. Government & Media

“The Underwear Bomber attack has fundamentally changed my life” wrote Top Detroit Lawyer and Eyewitness to the Christmas Day “Underwear Bombing” of Flight 253 on his blog today as the suspected perpetrator’s trial begins. 

 “Not in the way most would think, but it has destroyed any faith I’ve had in the U.S. Government, the media and this country as a whole. To say that I believe the government is corrupt and the media is complicit doesn’t fully explain my beliefs.”

Detroit lawyer couple Kurt and Lori Haskell’s eye-witness revelations cannot be easily dismissed, and smears of “conspiracy theory” just won’t stick to these two successful professionals who are well known and respected in their Detroit area community. They happened to be sitting within a few rows of the underwear bomber when he lit his pants on fire ushering in a new era of airport “naked” scanners, TSA groping and crying children.

 “Not only have I come to those conclusions, but I’ve witnessed that an ordinary person who sees something important can be silenced despite his efforts to spread the truth. Such is the Underwear Bomber case.

” I can do nothing but laugh at the TSA’s new policy of “If you see something say something.” That is exactly what I did, and not only did the U.S. Government not want to hear what I had to say, but it actively lied about it, attempted to get me to change my story, and hid, by withholding (secret government) evidence or putting a protective order on the evidence and nearly everything that would support my eyewitness account”    -Detroit Lawyer and eyewitness Kurt Haskell on his blog which, if you still give a damn about HONESTY, ACCURACY,  AND TRUTH IN AMERICA , you will read and follow here:

Meanwhile, this guy and his buddies made lots of money off scanners that Americans would never have allowed if it wasn’t for the underwear bomber incident 
 UPDATE: OCTOBER 10th DETROIT LAWYER HASKELL WILL BE CALLED TO SERVE AS WITNESS FOR DEFENSE. “How ironic is it that I will have Umar’s life in my hands just as Umar had my life in his hands (or underwear) on Christmas Day 2009? I will be up to the task. I realize that some may not agree with me and may attempt to harm me. Nevertheless, I will speak the truth and not be intimidated. I will do this for the common good of all of the citizens of the United States. It is not often that I quote a passage from the bible, but I think it is appropriate here:

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


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