How My Kids Got so Darn Smart about Money!

How My Kids Got so Darn Smart about Money!

I have a secret weapon, and I’m not just going to tell you about it. I’m going to tell you how to get it without spending a dime -if you hurry.

One year ago a friend introduced me to the basic version of a modern-day piggy bank/money education tool that has turned out to be one of those happy surprises in life that is too good not to share.

You know how everyone else’s kids are at the mall -“I want this, I neeeeeed this. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease can I Haaaave it?!!”   My kids aren’t like that now.

In 12 months, they transformed from whiney consumers into savvy little savers that get strange envious looks from other parents when they chat with obvious relish about saving, goal setting, doing chores and odd jobs for money, earning interest, and slashing unnecessary purchases in pursuit of glorious goals like legos starwars and battle droids.

And get this -they don’t expect Dad to pay for them. There’s no begging anymore. Just planning, earning, saving and appreciating. It’s freaking awesome!

My friend introduced me the free, basic version of Family Mint, but it really wasn’t until he told me how to upgrade to the expensive Premium version that we started to see the magic happen. Oh, and he did it for free!

Turns out his financial advisor’s firm provides this as a value-add for all their clients and anyone that is introduced to them by someone already using their Family Mint Premium. Of course they probably hope to earn your business someday but here’s the thing. As of right now, they don’t require you to become a client, ever, and they won’t bug you.

So guess what? I’M INTRODUCING YOU! Just visit their webpage like I did here  learn, shoot them a nice email saying you’d like to sign up for Family Mint, and they’ll send you simple instructions and the current access code for complementary subscription.

Voila! Money Savvy Kids that make you look like a super-parent!

Click the link, read and watch the short video. It’s totally true and feel free to leave a comment here to thank me later! Oh, and subscribe to updates from my blog please by adding your email in the upper right corner (is that too much to ask?)


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